Our history

The company « GR VET INNOVATION » was created at the beginning of 2014, in response to the request of Clinique Vétérinaire du Grand Renaud (www.clinique-dugrandrenaud.fr), who had researched and developed innovative instruments for surgical techniques; and was then seeking to manufacture and commercialise these products.
The company responded very quickly to requests from fellow "inventors" to realise their projects. Recognising that these are often "niche" projects, economic viability is possible only if spread worldwide. For a wide distribution of innovative products, promotion must be made at conferences that bring together specialists in the field. It is also the role of GR VET INNOVATION to intervene at this level.

Our office is bilingual: English/ French, it is open from 9.00hr to 16.30hrs (French time) Monday to Friday. Do not hesitate to leave a message in case of absence.

Sales online, with payment: Credit Card via PAY PAL or bank transfer is active: 24h/24h.










Who we are:

Is a company that researches innovative products, then DEVELOPS and COMMERCIALISES them within the veterinary sector.
All veterinarians can come and present their inventions to "GR VET INNOVATION". A jury of specialists in the field is then recruited, the jury is bound by a confidentiality agreement, and the jury will then validate or not, the proposed project. If the project is successful, a contract is then drawn between the two parties: the INVENTOR and "GR VET INNOVATION" (confidentiality agreement, shares of investment and benefits). If a phase of research is still needed before the project is realised, the Clinique Vétérinaire du Grand Renaud (www.clinique-dugrandrenaud.fr) may intervene if in the equine field, or another collaborating clinic in the case of activities other than in the equine field (small animals, large animals, animal industry farming...).
Our experience has lead us to the following conclusion: many good ideas are in "boxes" on hold, because the veterinary inventor will not have the time to go through with the industrialisation and commercialisation of their project. Veterinary equipment manufacturers often seek to “quickly” adapt material originally developed for human medical activity, which sometimes responds badly to veterinary needs, and our constraints on the ground. GR VET INNOVATION was created to listen to veterinarians and solve these issues.
RELIABLE, COMPETENT and RAPID intervention: three qualities that are often requested by a veterinarian and we respect within GR VET INNOVATION.
-WARRANTY OF OUR EQUIPMENT IS ONE YEAR against manufacturing defects (equipment failure is not covered by the warranty).
Sending hardware under warranty to GR VET INNOVATION is the responsibility of the buyer, the return to the buyer is at our expense. We will always do our best for service of a breakdown, (temporary or permanent) in the shortest possible time, because we know that the absence of equipment in a veterinary clinic may severely disrupt its activity, and can be the source of dissatisfaction or the loss of a customer.
-MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: we do not want to disappoint any of our customers that is why if you do not like our product you can return it within the first month of purchase (return at your expense) and we will immediately refund your purchase (provided it is not altered, and without shipping costs which are your responsibility).

Service after the warranty period: it will be provided and will activate after the acceptance of repair estimates.